Leaders of color, particularly those from the very communities at the center of efforts to improve education, are uniquely positioned to address the range of challenges confronting meaningful education improvements. EdLoC’s Collabo Grants are designed to support our school systems and partnerships committed to advancing work that supports Black and Latinx, immigrant and other vulnerable students, families, and communities particularly in response to COVID. Each grant of $5,000 will provide organizations with opportunities to foster collaboration: to explore an idea, brainstorm solutions to a problem, test a hypothesis or plan a project to tackle a shared challenge. We recognize that school and district leaders are currently facing a confluence of challenges: challenges stemming from COVID-19 as well as those stemming from the racial inequities our students confront in and out of school. This funding is intended to minimize the upfront cost of exploring and engaging in shared problem-solving. We supported 30 projects led by 80 district and nonprofit leaders. Read below to learn about each project.

Projects and Leaders

A Parent Engagement Workshop: How You Can Support Computer
Science and Technology
Education at Home
Toward navigating COVID-19, AOT seeks to operationalize and democratize the way we engage our 150 LA students – regardless of social distancing. Integral to this is engaging parents in supporting their child’s technology education at home. AOT seeks to pilot a parent engagement workshop for 25 parents/guardians from each of our two LA partner schools.
Jessica Santana
America on Tech (AOT)
Jonathan Tiongco
Alliance Marine and Innovation Technology High
Emilio Pack
STEM Prep Schools
Accelerating Teaching & Learning: African-Centered Schools
Kibolebole is an African centered school in Metro Atlanta that has served thousands of students, families, and educators across the United States and Africa. This funding will support the creation of the content-specific Teacher Training & Development strand of their work (Math, Science & ELA). This virtual training is designed to support Black teachers in strengthening the quality of virtual teaching & learning during COVID and beyond.
Anashay Wright
Disruptive Partners
Evelyn Duduyemi
Educational Institute
Amber Charter Schools’ Family Video Connection
This grant will help to fund the production of online videos to help parents utilize online platforms their children will be utilizing for online education.
Joey Gustafson
JM Consulting Inc.
Vasthi Reyes Acosta
The Amber Charter Schools
Anti-Racism Training
‘White Folks(Part I): We Have to Talk About Race’ and ‘White Folks(Part II): A Call to Action’ not only encourages, but facilitates the internal process of recognizing and examining our positionality in society based on the intersectionality of our identities. During this two-part series, participants will explore the social construct of race and the impact of systemic racism by developing a common language around systems of injustice, and how these systems operate in the context of the United States.
Kiara Butler
Diversity Talks
Gina M. Picard
Chariho Regional School District
Rachael Gavin
PR(iSM) Resistance Coalition
BMMH BraveSpace Grant
Black Male Mental Health is a fast-growing digital platform that aims to build out a resource directory to connect black men and teens to resources, while also providing virtual supportive spaces.
Marcus Harden
Ace Academy
Teresa Woods
Harlem Village Academies
Dawan Alford
Centering Family Voice in a Co-created Education System
RISE Colorado will partner with Village East School staff by offering Professional Learning opportunities, Family Engagement events and strategies, and engaging Village East students in Leadership Development activities that will help shape school re-entry with a focus on mental well-being.
Veronica Crespin-Palmer
RISE Colorado
Mia Robinson
Village East Elementary School
Centering Racial Equity & Belongingness Through School Reentry
This project will build capacity of Collegiate Academy to lead through an equitable and inclusive school re-entry process this fall. By accessing content around racial equity, bias, intersectionality and belonging, school leaders will be able to challenge themselves to implement a process that centers student experiences and identities.
Rhonda Broussard
Beloved Community
Benjamin Marcovitz
Collegiate Academies
Codman Community Wellness
This project will support collaboration to improve wellness for Codman students, especially those who postponed well child visits to doctors since COVID-19. Codman Academy and Codman Square Health Center will collaborate to provide easy, accessible, no out of pocket vaccinations to Codman students.
Thabiti Brown
Codman Academy Charter Public School
Chetna Naimi
Codman Square Health Center
Collective Support: Adult Social Emotional Learning (SEL) During and Beyond COVID-19
MindCatcher aims to engage 4-6 school leaders of color in researching their own practice to devise strategies to support their well-being as leaders and educators. Through an inquiry process known as descriptive review, school leaders will select a focus question centered on their well-being and educator practices during COVID-19. School leaders will analyze and synthesize the data to devise strategies of support, which they will implement, reflect on collectively and then share with the larger EdLoC community.
Nakeyshia Kendall
Michael Essien
Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School, San
Francisco Unified School District
Developing Critical Consciousness in Educational Leaders
The funds will be used to support a professional development (PD) series for the Achievement First Amistad faculty and staff (100 people intotal). The PD will focus on developing the critical consciousness of the staff and to support their development of anti-racist pedagogies as well as help them to problematize the inherent anti-Blackness within education and that currently exists within the school community.
Shannon Waite
SRW Consulting, Inc.
Simon Obas
Achievement First Amistad High School
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sessions to Improve Culturally
Responsive Teaching
The Van Ness Elementary School staff will engage in professional learning sessions, book study, and self-examination of teaching pedagogy to ensure curriculum and teaching approach are culturally responsive and increasing equity for their students.
Cynthia Robinson Rivers
Van Ness Elementary School
Michelle Molitor
The Equity Lab
Education Justice Professional Development in Response to the
COVID-19 Pandemic and Racism Endemic
CBED will partner with the School District of Philadelphia and Mastery Charter Schools to offer a proven professional development series that supports the mindset and skills educators need to deliver the teaching that breaks cycles of oppression for Black children—and other disenfranchised students. The goal is to deepen and evolve offerings to address the effects of COVID. This will assist in delivering training virtually and assisting educators in leading their classrooms online.
Dr. William R. Hite
School District of Philadelphia
Scott Gordon
Mastery Charter Schools
Equitable Access to Trauma-Related Mental Care for Black Students
Project Impact MS is partnering with Leflore Legacy Academy to identify and begin addressing the impact of the trauma our students, 95% of whom are African American, have experienced as a result of COVID-19, (and begin addressing the underlying trauma associated with ongoing exposure to violence, injustice, and inequity. This pilot project will test the efficacy of classroom teachers, trained by a mental health professional, in guiding students through a formal, customized journaling process designed to encourage self-reflection and foster resiliency in their students.
Brian Ferguson
Project Impact MS
Dr. Tamala Boyd Shaw
MS Delta Academies~ Leflore Legacy Academy
Knowledge is Power: Pláticas for Immigrant Families
ImmSchools and SAISD seek to partner in the next 2 months to connect immigrant and undocumented families to critical resources and information through virtual pláticas. Through these virtual workshops, ImmSchools and SAISD will create a safe virtual space to engage immigrant and undocumented families in conversations around their legal rights, DACA, and the services they can access in San Antonio regardless of their immigration status.
Viridiana Carrizales
Elsa Pennell
San Antonio ISD
Montessori in a Changed World Webinars and Town Halls
Wildflower Schools DC, in partnership with the national Wildflower Foundation, has developed a series of webinars, town halls, and Zoom meetings to address the future of Montessori education in the time of COVID and political uprisings. The “Montessori in a Changed World” webinar series will target Montessori educators across the country, with a special focus on recruiting teachers of color to discuss best practices, planning, and visions for the future of Montessori in these unprecedented times.
Nicole Young
The Well Community Consulting
Maia Blankenship
Wildflower Schools D.C.
Koren Clark
The Wildflower Foundation, Knowthyself Inc.
Philadelphia EL Charter Consortium
The Charter Schools Office of the School District of Philadelphia is collaborating with Esperanza Academy Charter School to pilot a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for charter school teachers of English Learners in Philadelphia. The purpose of the PLC is to appropriately serve and increase student achievement of English Learners in charter schools by fostering collaboration across the sector.
Christina Grant
The School District of Philadelphia Charter
Schools Office
David Rossi
Esperanza Academy Charter School
Essence Caleb
The School District of Philadelphia Charter
Schools Office
Karen Sergovic
Esperanza Academy Charter School
Victor Perez
Esperanza Academy Charter School
Pláticas, Data Stories, Engagement, and Change
Alliance for A Better Community is partnering with LAUSD to create a forum for parents and students to inform recommendations on policy, programs, and practices and learn how those most impacted respond to data, indicators, and issues. Together, these will help to inform and design a Los Angeles Latino advocacy agenda. Participants will convene virtually in facilitated conversations in Spanish, called Platicas Comunitarias, that will serve as informal focus groups and learn about advocacy.
Vanessa Aramayo
Alliance for a Better Community
Antonio Plascencia, Jr.
Los Angeles Unified School District – Parent and
Community Services
Carla Lopez-Valdes
Alliance for a Better Community
Post-COVID Re-engagement Strategy for Boys and Young Men of Color
This project is a series of focus group design sessions led by CPS and the MBK community network. The first group will include ~40 male HS students of color, and the second group will include ~40 male teachers of color from CPS. The purpose of these sessions is to surface reflections, needs, and insights from the population most affected by current crises and to ultimately build a post-COVID CPS re-engagement strategy.
Maurice Swinney
Chicago Public Schools
F. Christopher Goins
Thrive Chicago
Providing Students and Families Quality School Options During
Challenging Times
The project proposes to build a community of practice between nine of the most successful charter management organizations in Los Angeles so that they exchange experiences and codify promising practices around student recruitment, retention and engagement efforts that build genuine and critical relationships between schools and families.
Angelica Solis-Montero
LA Coalition for Excellent Public School
Lindsey Tiers
KIPP SoCal Public Schools
Promise Prep FELA Literacy Program
Millions of K-6 students have been out of school due to school closures, and families have been their full-time teachers. As a result, students have lost access to reading instruction, resources, and support they would normally receive during the school day. We aim to partner with Knowledge Reign and to pilot the Family Educator Learning Accelerator program through Springboard collaborative to assist families with learning at home.
Geoffrey Fenelus
Promise Prep
Patrick Jones
Knowledge Reigns
Bill Clarke
Springboard Collaborative
Reimagining & Reconstructing Liberatory Education Ecosystems from
Prenatal to 12th Grade
Our project will create an antiracist collective impact vision and roadmap for education ecosystems to dismantle systematic racism, social inequities and injustices for Black and Latinx children, starting at prenatal through 12th grade. Using Memphis, TN as a case study, we will strengthen national awareness of the inherent systematic racism and inequities in education ecosystems and provide a blueprint on how to construct anti-racist education ecosystem with abolitionist structures, policies, practices and resources to restore dignity and humanity back in our children and communities.
Lin Johnson III
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Antonio Burt
Shelby County Schools
Dorsey Hopson
Reimaging Sustainable Community School Models
The Reimagining Sustainable Community School Models project seeks to advance equity by expanding the school options for DeKalb County School District’s most vulnerable student populations. Specifically, the project seeks to center the perspectives of marginalized students and their families in the design, planning, and on-going implementation of a sustainable community school.
Shanequa Yates
Candice McKinley, Esq.
DeKalb County School District
Kina M. Champion
DeKalb County School District
Manomay Malathip
Student Advancement Organization
San Francisco Bayview Hunter’s Point Community Learning Hub (CLH)
The main goal of our CLH is to support students and families that struggle with distance learning either due to lack of internet access, equipment, parental capacity/ability, or in-person support needs. The City/County of SF is pre-selecting sites across the city to serve 5,000 to 6,000 of the highest-need SFUSD students and we’re leading planning efforts to set up a site in our community.
Randal Seriguchi Jr.
Urban Ed Academy
Dominique Donette
San Francisco Unified School District, African
American Achievement Leadership Initiative
Strengthening the Role of Parents in Educating Black Youth
As schools and districts seek to return to school in the fall, the role of parents in educating their children will remain pivotal. When COVID-19 isolation began, the role of the parent in educating students changed overnight. These two community-based organizations will come together to create three workshops for parents to support them in at-home virtual learning.
Dr. Alicia Montgomery
Center for Powerful Public Schools
Hannah Gravette
Innovate Public Schools LA
Derrick Chau
Los Angeles Unified School District
The Change Laboratory
The Change Laboratory: Facilitated by YEBO, our pilot is a social design experiment that invites ECHS students and teachers to collaborate on (re)designing and remixing virtual learning landscapes. To do so, we’ll saturate the classroom learning environment with digital tools (multi-media maker spaces) and forms of assistance, including a collective of learning scientists, education scholars, and media arts professionals and artists.
Wisdom Amouzou
Empower Community High School
Cory Montalvo
Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization
The Compton Male Teacher of Color Network (CMTCN)- Year 3
The CMTCN began in fall 2018 with research support from Dr. Travis Bristol and funded by the FEDCO Charitable Foundation. The original focus of the grant proposal and project objectives was to recruit and retain new male teachers of color in Compton USD through the empowerment and professional development of “mentor” teachers. This action-research approach quickly and organically evolved into a focus on building of greater organizational capacity as male teachers of color and their admin led collaboration on individual teacher and leader dilemmas of practice.
Blain L. Watson
John Reveles
California State University, Northridge – Michael
D. Eisner College of Education
Brandon Contreras
Compton Unified School District
Isaac Osae-Brown
Compton Unified School District
The Parent Teaching Assistant Academy (TPTAA)
ALL in Education is proposing The Parent Teaching Assistant Academy, a new innovative workforce development strategy to support parents and educators with distance learning.
Stephanie Parra
ALL In Education
Dr. Chad Gestson
Phoenix Union High School District
Training to Apply a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lens to
School Reopening Plans During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Staff in every department of the DPPS charter management organization will be involved with planning and facilitating the reopening of school buildings after COVID-19 related building closures. Communication with community stakeholders will take place both during the process of creating reopening plans over the summer and will continue as the COVID-19 threat evolves. DPPS will seek guidance from Firefly WorldWide, Inc. to ensure that an expert DEI lens is applied to the process of incorporating scholar, parent, and school-based staff feedback into reopening plans and ongoing procedures.
Natasha Trivers
Democracy Prep Public Schools
Cheyenne E. Batista
Firefly Worldwide, Inc.
Virtual Family Engagement Model
Gestalt Community Schools has established networks of parents at each of our schools who advocate, lead, and plan family engagement sessions, town hall meetings, and community engagement activities at each school. Traditionally, these activities have been led face-to-face. However, due to the COVID school shutdown, we have had to reimagine family engagement strategies. Gestalt plans to expand the number of Parent Advisory Council leaders at each school and create a new family engagement model using virtual tools and technology to reach families, especially those that are hard to reach due to mobility and economic issues.
Yetta Lewis
Gestalt Community Schools
Cardell Orrin
Stand for Children Memphis
Paul Garner
Stand for Children Memphis
Virtual Learning Lab: Building Equity-Driven Leaders
Providence Public Schools is committed to establishing a more inclusive environment that maintains equitable policies and practices across the organization. Equity Institute is partnering with the district to deliver two 90-minute virtual learning experiences to explore and develop an understanding of the meaning of equity, explore identity, and deepen educators’ understanding of culturally responsive teaching.
Karla Vigil
The Equity Institute
Barbara Mullen
Providence Public School Department

We believe one of the key levers to sustainable change is collaboration and we were honored to support the work of each of these leaders. Be on the lookout for upcoming blogs from Collabo Grant recipients discussing their projects more in depth, what the outcomes were, and what they learned.

About EdLoC

Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC) is a community of more than 300 leaders of color working to elevate the leadership, voices and influence of people of color in education and to leading more inclusive efforts to improve education. EdLoC aims to advance a third way that breaks through the polarizing divides that have consumed efforts to improve public education and to forge the alliances needed to realize and sustain EdLoC’s vision of providing low-income children of color expansive and substantive opportunities for the highest levels of academic and economic attainment.