News Release
For Immediate Distribution
December 19, 2018

Contact: Donald Gatlin, 202-587-2871, dgatlin@rabengroup.com

LOS ANGELES– Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC), the nation’s only community of leaders comprised of people of color, most of whom work in the education sector, released the following statement condemning the Federal Commission on School Safety’s recommendation to rescind federal guidance that reduces educational barriers for students of color.

“As education leaders of color, we are angered by the failure of the Trump Administration to address gun violence in our schools and its recommendation to scrap critical guidance designed to help school districts avoid unlawful discrimination in discipline. By rolling back this guidance, the administration has put the safety and well-being of children of color and children with disabilities directly in the cross hairs.

“Children of color, especially African American children, and children with disabilities are significantly more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than similarly situated white children. We know from our experiences as teachers, principals, system leaders, and practitioners supporting Black and Latino students across the country, and from existing research, that these practices can lead to serious educational, economic, and social problems, including loss of instructional time, decreased academic achievement, increased behavior problems, increased likelihood of dropping out of school, and increased involvement with the juvenile justice system, all of which perpetuate the school to prison pipeline. There is no question that racial discrimination in discipline is a problem that needs serious attention.

“The 2014 Obama discipline guidance was put in place to address these disparities and ensure all students have an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and feel safe and welcome in their schools. The decision to rescind this guidance flies in the face of everything we know about how best to avoid unlawful discrimination, and the best practices for school districts to implement, to ensure all students are safe and have equal educational opportunities.”


About EdLoC

Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC) is a membership organization of 300 leaders of color working to elevate the leadership, voices and influence of people of color in education and to leading more inclusive efforts to improve education. EdLoC aims to advance a third way that breaks through the polarizing divides that have consumed efforts to improve public education and to forge the alliances needed to realize and sustain EdLoC’s vision of providing low-income children of color expansive and substantive opportunities for the highest levels of academic and economic attainment.