Carla Williams

Carla Williams serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Sharhonda Bossier, for Education Leaders of Color (EdLoc). Prior to joining EdLoc, she worked at Johns Hopkins University and the [...]


Elsa Duré

Elsa Duré is the Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC). In this role, Elsa executes strategic initiatives and supports cross-team collaboration to ensure [...]


Andrea Foggy-Paxton

As EdLoC’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Andrea Foggy-Paxton spearheads the organization’s talent matching work, helping advance our goal to have Third Way leaders influencing as many organizational [...]


Krystal Cormack

Krystal Cormack serves as our Director of Leader Support and Development. Krystal is a Chicago native who has taught and led in various communities in Mississippi. She started her career teaching [...]


Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee serves as EdLoC team as Chief of Staff. She has supported EdLoC as a consultant and critical friend since 2017. In this full-time capacity, Courtney will help navigate through growth [...]


Sharhonda Bossier

Sharhonda Bossier is CEO at Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC), and a committed advocate for Black and Brown children who have been denied adequate educational opportunity. She previously served [...]